Towards a new Governance

The rapid evolution of information volume and relentless pace of globalization compel to create an "upstream"system  to concentrate one's human and material resources (especially IT) on the information which may affect the organization. Indeed, the improvement of  intelligent software algorithms that capture strong signals is slower than the growth of information volume; yet, human capabilities are limited which limit as well our ability to detect the weak signals as we use our intuition to pick them up.

The solution to continue to control one's environment and face the information wave is to detect early signals. These ones differentiate themselves from the weak signals by the fact that "a strategic work has been done upstream with experts in the field and decision makers, based on strategic potential scenarios, to act rationally and early, thanks to the appearance of certain information (identified above) "Bisson,  EMEA Intelligence Congress, 2012.

Thus, the Decision Early Warning System, and its dedicated software were created after several years of R&D. They are unique and allow to anticipate events and optimize decisions into private and public entities.

This system constitutes a new governance to cope with the perpetual change of one's environment and the information wave, anticipate and better decide.

The book for a new governance (contact us to buy it)
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The Decision Early Warning System software allows to :

  • calculate all impacting potential scenarios, their probabilities and their impacts.

  • supports, reinforces and automates the construction process of Decision Early Warning System. 

  • rapid development and implementation on a large scale like for example Multinationals.


How does it work:

Thanks to the collected information by the Competitive Intelligence unit, scenarios will emerge which correspond to different levels on strategic indicators (eg zero, low, medium, high, extreme).

According to the levels reached on these indicators, warnings can be sent to specific individuals ahead to take effective action (business war game elaborated  formerly), and therefore early.